Irony Absent at Mirror

Now I’m one for clarity and transparency, but when a documentary film crew put a behind the scenes video about how they got footage of something which is impossible to film in the wild. You don’t splash on the front page that they’ve deceived people.

Especially if you have in your history a front page of unverified and false images which put the lives of British military personnel at risk!

So you can imagine my [non]amusement when the Mirror decided to splash on their front page the other day that the “Beeb Faked Frozen Planet.” Which is disingenuous as a headline alone.

Then you cast your mind back to a rather sorry state of affairs which saw then Mirror editor Piers [I’m a douche] Morgan booted from the paper in disgrace.

Yes, it was The Mirror who in 200 splashed on their front page their own little fakery. An image, and more inside, of what they claimed to be British armed forces mistreating Iraqi PoW’s. Now for me, at the time about to join the army, when those images were published ruled out me ever reading/paying for/being associated with The Mirror.

Now however they seem to lack an irony sensor to alert them when they’re about to commit another falsehood upon the British public.

To splash on the front page a story that a documentary producer has published on their website how they filmed something, and you were stupid enough to not realise it, is truly ignorant of their own history and record of failure to provide the truth to their audience.

The two front pages provided for you below.
Mirror abuse FPMirror, Faked Frozen planet


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