NYPD Fail To Follow The Law Again

So the Occupy Wall St protests are continuing in New York, and so they should.

However sadly another aspect of the protests is also continuing. The NYPD’s disregard for Press freedoms.

After the eviction and clearance of Zuccotti Park in mid November, it seems that some NYPD officers haven’t quite got the memo about not disrupting the accredited presses duty to cover protests.

The video below, from around the 2 minute mark clearly shows a police offcer ducking and weaving to disrupt Robert Stolarik’s, who was on assignment for the New York Times, attempts to get an image of an arrest. You also get shown in the video how visible the PJ’s accreditation is hanging around his neck!

You would think that after the amount of negative press the NYPD got last month, for penning away and arresting members of the press, that they’s be a little less obvious and pathetic in the attempts and disruption.

The true irony for me though is the police officer who comes up with a video camera filming everyone who’s trying to film the arrests, as if people filming the police making arrests is a security issue. Hmm I wonder why they would think that.

The video is from Logan Price one of the protestors at OWS


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